01 September 2009

p.s. we'll call you when we get there.

well i'm off.

goodbye america.

you know, i'm happy, real excited and anxious to go. it is going to be an awesome semester. london for four months, seriously? how lucky am i. sure it isn't a lifetime in a gorgeous flat with little british children and chris martin. but really, we can't all be gweneth. unfortunately.

but don't get me wrong, its hard too. there are definitely a few people i will miss. and i hate it. okay fine, i guess i will miss some other things about this free country too. like halloween, and thanksgiving, and diet dew, and dr. pepper, and 32 ouncers of each, and all my belongings and you know, stuff like that.

so i say goodbye whether i like it or not. and i do like it. only a little bit of not i promise.

and lets be real, i may not be the best blogger over there. but i'll try my hardest okay? don't judge me if i fail. i've made it this far.

ta ta.

1 comment:

Jenson Family said...

You BETTER keep us all posted on your adventures! I will miss you the mostest! Who will I spit hot cheese from my cheddar peppers on?? Oh man. Be safe! xoxoxo