28 September 2009

life in technicolor.

so i went to the jay-z and coldplay concert in london the other week...best thing ever.

first off, one of the things i wanted to do the most in London was to see a real authentic european concert. Now sure, Coldplay is popular worldwide but they are from this place, they live here, this is home. The concert was at Wembley Stadium, maximum capacity 90,000, circumference of 1 KM. Needless to say it is huge, and this show was sold out.

I went with three other girls, Catherine, Courtney and Megan and being the concert frequenters that we are, we quickly took advantage of our general admission tickets and made our way through the crowd. We danced our hearts out to Jay-Z and appreciated that face that Beyonce was probably somewhere in the building.

Then we prepared for the main event and pushed our way right against the bar of the pit. All the sudden it started to pour. Now, people talk about London rain and its extremities but I never believed it till I felt it. These raindrops are the size of dollar coins, and that isn't an exaggeration I promise. The rain just comes down in buckets! Wembley Stadium is only partially covered, and most of the roof is open to the elements, so within minutes the entire crowd was soaked. hair dripping, underwear soaking, mascara running, drenched. But the show must go on...and oh boy did it go on.

Coldplay comes on shortly and notes that "it is really bloody raining." And it was. But being the rain lover that I am, I think this made the concert 20 times better. Just picture Yellow being sung as yellow lights are shinning everywhere and yellow balls are being tossed through the crowd. you couldn't write a music video more idealistic than that moment.

Eventually the rain stopped itself, and my camera felt better about it's life. But the show didn't get any less amazing. I was within just a few feet of Chris Martin and I felt pretty great about it. He sure knows how to put on a good show, he is all over the place and dancing and singing his heart out. All the boys in the band are brilliant, and coldplay remains to be one of the best bands ever.
It's plain to say that my first London concert was something I will never forget. They just do it better here, simple as that.

it's such, it's such a perfect day.


Rondi said...

Oh boy oh boy. So happy you got to be so close!

Heather and Trevor said...

That looked like an amazing concert! I loved skyping with you that night! So much fun to see you in person and see your Jay-Z hoodie! Love it! We need to set up and ichat one of these nights. What is a good time with the time difference? We would love to chat with you so let me know! xoxo