17 September 2009

long live the queen.

i checked a mark off my harry potter dream tour list...

i visited the millennium bridge, which luckily was reconstructed after the death eaters destroyed it in the half blood prince movie.
i feel pretty complete in my life...

after basking in all my HP glory, we headed over to Shakespeare's Globe theater where we saw As You Like It. we laughed, we cried, but mostly we thanked our teachers for getting us tickets that weren't in standing room only.

a couple days later we entered into a dream home... buckingham palace. i've never wanted to be the queen more in my life after this event. They opened a few of the rooms to the public while the queen is away on holiday this summer. and it was amazing. We walked through many gorgeous rooms, saw some amazing paintings, viewed glamourous dresses the queen herself wore, and became extremely jealous of all things royal.

afterwards some of us treated ourselves to a little bit of lovin. we indulged in some pastries brought to us by the people who cater for the queen and oh boy i could have died. heaven on my fork is what it was. worth every pence.

another lifelong goal of mine was accomplished as we were exiting the palace...i spoke to an actual royal guard with the red suits and furry hats... no big deal. luckily for us they had just gotten off duty and were walking through the garden. we took this opportunity and ran with it and demanded a pic. turns out they are allowed to smile when they aren't on duty. laugh even.

london gets better and better every day.


Kimber and Casey said...

can I just say how much I envy this post?

bc i do.

no i take that back

i covet this post!

ah! there was this international fair around campus today all about study abroads/foreign internships/research studies/foreign exchanges and i begged casey to let us go and dreamt about you in london and cried in my heart that you're there and i never will be! ah! oh well marriage is an exciting adventure that i will first be taking! ha! keep updating! i love them all!

Heather and Trevor said...

This post is amazing! So freaking Cool that you saw the HP bridge! wow! And then the Globe! Oh my 2 loves! And the dessert and seeing the guards. Wow. Great post! I am so happy that you get to experience all of this! I am living vicariously through you :) Keep the posts coming!I love them! Love and miss you!