29 April 2010

sun drenched world.

a few weeks ago the boy and I went to the tulip festival at thanksgiving point with his brother and sister in law. it was the perfect little introduction to spring and we soaked up the sun and loved all the gorgeous flowers. 
unfortunately, these days, mother nature is pointing her little finger and laughing at provo right now because it just can't seem to stay warm for more than two days at a time. 

nevertheless, the tulip festival was a great little tease and i can't wait till the weather stops playing these games. 

here are some pics to brighten your day. 

at least i am DONE with school for the next four months of my life. 

can't say that doesn't please me 100%.

19 April 2010

real as it gets.

i have this infatuation... some people don't understand it, my mom hates it, but i embrace it.

i am totally into shawn corey carter aka jay-z.

i've always thought he was great, you know a little dirt off my shoulder, 99 problems, encore. you get it.

BUT THEN! 19 september 2009 when i walked into wembley arena to see my favorite british band coldplay perform in their hometown, i was graced by an opening act i will never forget, the very same jay-z rapping his heart out and stealing mine along the way. after this concert i knew it was true love.

and so I present to you this video from this weekend's Coachella Festival, an event I am deeply sad to have missed.

jay-z and his one true love beyonce performing young forever. i think it's pretty great.

13 April 2010

end of an era.

for most of my life i was in insignificant nobody.

then one day... BAM... my body appeared as a tiny, almost-unrecognizable fleck on a billboard that graced Provo commuters and visitors alike for many years. 

until recently.

the billboard barely featured in this picture...
containing a very small, unnoticeable version of this picture...
is no longer present along the I-15 drag.

my 15 minutes of fame are now long past and i have gone back to being insignificant.

but i can't say that i mind.
i don't recognize the girl in that picture anyway. 

08 April 2010

mon cœur s'ouvre à ta voix.

could you be more perfect? 
i don't think so.

their concert monday at the E-Center was absolutely spectacular. 

i loved muse when i saw them live in 2007, and i love them just as much in 2010. 

i don't mind that i had to race through sleet tearing my eyeballs and face apart and soaking every part of my body to get to the show. i don't mind that i had to sit in a parking lot for 1.5 hours waiting to go home. i don't even mind that the guy next me to caught the bassists harmonica and i didn't. 

the concert was amazing. and i have no complaints.

not to mention a great opening performance by silversun pickups.
it was a great night.

thank you muse for satisfying all the undisclosed desires of my heart.

05 April 2010

when it rains.

it's been a long week.

first. my parents house flooded. twice. poor guysthere have been vacuums, hoses, chords, and fans all over my house for the past two weeks. my mom said she felt like she was in the movie ET.

never mind the fact that if you wanted to be heard it was necessary that you speak no softer than a yell. 

the day after flood number 2, my sister, my dad and i took a little vacation from life and saw the movie The Last Song. not a good idea. sad movie to see with your dad.

but then, my sister and her little family came to town and we had a blast! 

i love conference weekend and easter.

good news is... only two and a half more weeks of school.