04 September 2009

if we're all alone, aren't we in this together?

day one and i'm already in love. this was one of those love at first sight kind of things that i never believed were true.

i was wrong. i love london with all my heart.

our first day we mostly just got to know each other and recovered from jet lag. we took a short walk around the neighborhood and slept long and well. nothing too special.

day two was amazing.

i woke up real easy this day. which, i know isn't going to last long at all but one day out of 100 isn't so bad right? first off, the showers. wow. mom, dad, rondi... remember the showers on the cruise??? ours are smaller. yep, its possible. and alyssa...remember how difficult it was to shave our legs in our shower. this is WORSE. oh man. reason 783292 i am glad no men between the ages of 16 and 50 will be in close proximity to me here. hmmm. after breakfast we had some meetings and then headed out to the British Museum. gorgeous.

we saw the rosetta stone and some pieces from the parthenon. which were awesome.

it was a quick trip to fulfill an assignment and we quickly headed over to the National Gallery. as we approach the national gallery, we see a large crowd of people gathered in a corner. at second glance we see a man sitting on a platform. and at an even closer glance, it becomes quite clear why the crowd is so near...he is naked. just below him were two other men, almost as naked. they simply had two signs wrapped around their explicits. we're not really sure why they were there. but soon the police showed up warning the men that they were "potentially indecent." to that he replied "we are al potentially indecent if we shed a couple layers." which, okay, is true. back to the man on the platform...as two people raise up to fetch the young man, he proceed to stand up and jump on top of the tower. then he puts on a zebra and blue feathered robe. soon he is jumping off the platform and running through trafalgar square. brought back memories of Nate Miller and the homecoming game.

the national gallery was gorgeous. i saw some monet's and loved it. monet is one of my favorite artists. there were some raphael's and a michaelangelo, and a da vinci. and a ton of other really amazing art. again, we were quick but we are planning on going back lots.

we came home and had dinner then went back out for more fun. we rode the tube to see the london eye and big ben. both were gorgeous. not to mention the full moon. oh man, it was one amazing sight. it still hasn't set in that we are really here. seems more like a quick visit right now.

other important details: had my first diet coke here. doesn't quite taste the same but it will do the job. decided like 432435353214 things that i MUST DO in london, realized that my hair just won't ever look the same here and i feel fine about it. realized how many things i left at home that i really really wish i had. and continued to absolutely fall in love with london town.

day three was busy.

but nothing too special. we were introduced to all of our classes. which i hate. come on. school? this summer has been so great without you. why must you come back? in london even. but its all good. i guess its sort of worth it or something. all i know is it is going to be hard.

then we ran a lot of errands to get some things we needed. went to hummingbird bakery to get some cupcakes. but they weren't the best things i've ever tasted in my life. had my first kinder egg! one of many i'm hoping. came back and had dinner. with the best tasting tomatoes i've had in my entire life. hands down. after dinner we decided we needed some gelato. so we got some. it was delicious. then we came back to our place to work on homework and play.

thats all for now.

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