02 September 2009


i'm here i'm here. i'm really here.

only had a few minor issues in the airport and such but we made it. all i have to say is there is going to be a whole lot of girl time these next four months. we couldn't be more pleased about it.

london is gorgeous. first purchase: towels. 7.50 pounds. i reaaaaallllyy need to shower... another reason to be grateful for this all girls thing. haha gross!! its been a long day and a half of traveling. i don't even know how long its been since i really slept because i can't figure out this time difference. but i think its been a couple of days at least.

it has been pouring all day and i love it. everything is so pretty and fancy and great.

you are jealous. i know. i would be too. its okay though, just watch notting hill and pretend you see me walking down the streets. why? because i probably am. i live like a block away from william and anna's stomping grounds.

still waiting for the homesickness to set in.

but for now that is all.

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Heather and Trevor said...

Oh Yay! I am so glad you made it without too much troubles! :) I am totally jealous and totally happy for you! What an adventure! Post on EVERYTHING so we can see what your up to. I think I will pull out Notting Hill this week and think of you! xoxo