30 August 2009

soundtrack for our movie.

you may have noticed that the titles of my blog posts are pretty random, weird and don't really make such sense half the time. this is because they are song titles.

being so, i have decided to make a playlist of all the songs that are my blog titles. (at least all the ones i could find on project playlist.) look to the left side of the page and feel free to go wild. and make sure you scroll on the window and the actual playlist to see all the songs.

now disclaimer: just because they are on this playlist, doesn't mean they are necessarily good songs. unfortunately they just all have good titles. granted i do like some of them. just not all. okay.

so enjoy. or don't.

but here you go.


Ali said...

whyyyyyy why why did no one tell me that you have a blog? i'll have to add it to my list. ps. i like your new hair. stylin.

Emmy said...

well see i'm just now coming out to the public about it. a test run was needed to see if any success would actually come out of it. but yes for lists. and thank you very much.