17 September 2009

jai ho.

Last week we went to this place called Southall just outside of London. Truthfully, I think the train took us to India instead but we'll leave it at that...

First, we headed to this Sikh Temple where we removed our shoes and covered our hair and paid respect to this book full of all the wisdoms of past gurus. Then we ate a whole plethora of disgusting food called langar. aka GAGGED DOWN!!

After that we headed over to a Hindu temple where we got to see the ornate idols and decorations and smell the horrid aroma of feet that filled the air. We resisted the urge to chant Hare Krishna, no worries.

Then we walked through India to go to a second Hindu temple where we again, sat on the ground and paid respect to a whole bunch of things we didn't understand.

After our numerous temple visits we took a walk around the town. There were shops and vendors everywhere with places to buy very elaborate sari's and bangles. There were little corn stands where you could buy a cup of seasoned corn and there were millions of people everywhere. We participated in some pre wedding activities and got henna. We felt pretty cultural about it.

To finish off this educational experience, we had a Indian feast full of curry, basmati rice and lots of other strange things.

Spending an afternoon in India taught me a lot. Mostly like the fact that I don't know how my brother Trevor lived in real India for two years without dying.

at least it wasn't a slum-dog millionaire afternoon. more like bend it to beckham minus the hot football players.

i will also blog more about this on my other blog eventually.


Heather and Trevor said...

I LOVED seeing these pictures. So awesome! Your Henna looked so cool. It is pretty amazing that Trev survived 2 years over there!

Ali said...

i seriously, seriously love your henna.