08 September 2009

a formal introduction.

saturday was a busy day. but a good day. a day where i got to know my city a little bit better.

we slept in a bit and did some homework then went on a walk. now, let me explain what i mean by walk... for one of our classes here we have this book full of walks around london that they have mapped out for us. we are supposed to do all of these. except so far, we just end up getting lost.

anyway, we took the seats of power walk this day and it was amazing. it took us around a lot of the political parts of london. we saw big ben and the eye in daylight and a ton a statues of important people and trafalgar square. and westminster abbey and parliament and the prime ministers house and buckingham palace. i took like 5 million pictures today so i am just going to show you a few.

people do such weird stuff in london and i love it. like we saw a bunch of people dressed up as sumo wrestlers. like those big blow up suits you can get for halloween! apparently they were doing a scavenger hunt for their friends birthday. i loved it so much and am planning to do that for my next birthday. so beware.

sunday was really nice. my church is at least and hour and a half away but it is great. i am in the wandsworth commons ward which is in very south london. I am just with three other byu girls. the rest of the girl are all spread out around london. we have to take a bunch of different tubes and walk like 15 minutes to get there though! i got called to work in the relief society which should be fun! the people are so sweet and welcoming. i even got invited to a wedding! we talked to some missionaries...but not for very long because we didn't want to distract them...but they were fun and it is crazy to think that my guy friends have done and are doing that right now! i can't picture that at all but i bet they are all doing amazing. i love seeing missionaries but it makes me miss my boys! the rest of sunday we just relaxed and did homework and ate too much.

monday was our first day of classes and we just went to class and then did homework. i know i know. the past two days have been super lame. but bear with us, we are exhausted. but it is fun to just sit around and talk and get to know each other. so i'm okay with that too.

today i fell into a terrible trap of life called primark. this place is disastrous. oh man. first of all it is HUGE. store...goes on for miles. second of all, it is a clothes store, with VERY cute clothes in it. third, it is SO cheap! and all these things are so great but so terrible. i wanted to buy everything in the place. but it is really overwhelming. people are everywhere and deals are always in sight. i can't stand it. i've decided i should only go there once a month or else i will be completely broke. trouble.

it was so beautiful out today. it got up to 78 degrees Fahrenheit even. we decided to take advantage of this rare sun and went and napped in hyde park. it was beautiful and amazing. the rays of the sun were much needed. other than that we have just been hanging out and doing school work. we took our usual stroll down queensway, which is a nearby street, stopping at our various favorite places.

i love where i live. ♥ ♥


Shera said...

It was so good to hear your voice even if you could not hear ours. I love living a little vicariously through you. Keep the great posts coming!

Rondi said...

I can't wait to go to Primart with you!!! Shop o Rama