12 September 2009

choosing my own way of life.

i decided i need a king. want one. love one. maybe?

why? well because we went to dover and strolled through a castle. but not before the king and princess came though and we had court with them. five other girls and I were "nuns" coming with the message from the pope. it was the best. i've never talked to a king before. and sure, he was fake but i feel just as pleased about it.

the rest of dover was just mostly windy. the white cliffs were real pretty and the beaches were nice. The "sand" here in England is quite different. It's just rocks. big ones. thats okay, they were actually kind of comfortable to sit on and quite nice when you didn't have to shake or shower them off before leaving the beach.

then we went to Canterbury. this part was so great. we went to the cathedral where Thomas Becket was killed and toured the whole building. see my other blog in a couple days to learn more about it. (once i get around to writing about it.)

p.s. i tried to put more pictures on this post but our internet fails so i can't.

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