28 September 2009

hung up.

so i broadened the extent of my london culture intake the other day. We all went to The Tower of London for a little tour and loved it!
We got to pretend we were guards and pose in their little box.
We posed with the little guard and loved the way he marched and worked his gun.
We saw the crown jewels and all their beauty and became pretty jealous of the queen. and just england in general. by the way.... I seriously LOVE the queen. she is such a cutie. ahh. long live the queen is one true statement.

We walked up a lot of really steep stairs and through a few towers. We even saw designs that had been scratched into the walls by prisoners. Creepy. And we saw the place where Anne Boleyn was executed. I even got to meet her as we were walking through the square. yeah...weird.
the tower of london was great. my school blog has some more facts about it too. this double blogging thing is SUCH a pain!


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