30 August 2010

too far gone.

have i ever told you about how i hate china? 

no, i'm not a racist.
and no i'm not ungrateful for all the things i own that are made there.

really and truly honestly, the only reason i hate china is because that country has stolen my two best friends for four whole months and i can't seem to forgive it. 

but i guess i am happy for cami and michelle who will be teaching little chinese kids english and having the time of their lives. i had my adventure, they can have theirs.

however, that doesn't mean i miss them any less.

lucky for me, i was able to spend lots of time with them before they left and stock up on all my favorite memories.

their last couple of days were filled with fun, friends, parties, lots of american food, a little bit of stress, goodbyes, saddness but also lots of excitement. 
i'm counting down the days till they are back in the safety of america and right back where i like them. 

29 August 2010

life of clocks.

i'm a big fan of birthdays. i love my friend's birthdays, family member's birthdays, stranger's birthdays and my own birthday. i believe that birthdays are special and are an important day. birthdays come every year, like clock work. but i think that makes them even more amazing. i believe in tradition, celebration and never ending fun. so every year, i try to live birthdays up for those other people and when the time comes, myself.

 this year was a good birthday, i was lucky enough to celebrate my birthday with most of my favorite people.

it began with a little jaunt up to salt lake with my family. we had the traditional birthday dinner at cheesecake factory for my absolute favorite meal and birthday dessert.

afterwards, we shopped in salt lake for a while then spent the night at the Little America for a birthday getaway. the next morning as my sister Rondi and I were eating breakfast, two rockstars sat right next to us. literally. the band steel train was in town for the candlelight serenade festival and we were lucky enough to be graced by the presence of two of the band members. made rondi's morning...
after a nice day at the pool and time with the fam, i came back to provo to hang out with my friends. there was a bike ride in the blazing sun, pot painting at color me mine, lots of yummy food and finally a little bit of breakfast with my closest friends. 

much much thanks to cami for arranging all the fun,
all my other friends who contributed, 
jeff for keeping me occupied all day,
and my family for making sure it was a good time.

27 August 2010

teenage love song.

well, i have officially said goodbye to my childhood... i have passed up that oh so crucial and fun part of my life, onto real life now. a life full of decisions, change, and new experiences...

who am i kidding? i'm still a baby. and still just as reckless, fun and bad at making decisions as i've always been.

but i have grown one year older and said goodbye to those six amazing teenage years. last year i said after i turned 20 it was time to say goodbye to joe jonas and the disney channel. and sure maybe, i don't watch hannah montana anymore, and i don't lust after joe jonas like i used to, but i'm still a kid at heart

i don't think that will ever change. 

however, i'd like to think i have changed this past year, and maybe just maybe i am a little more of an adult than i was in 2009...

i've learned how to navigate my way through various foreign cities.
i've learned how to completely arrange and book a vacation by myself.
i've learned how to depend on myself.
i've learned more and more about how important family is.
i've grown in the gospel.
i've been changed by the good examples of others.
i've learned how to pay taxes.
i've almost applied to my major and started my real education.
i've learned how to take care of my body better.
i've figured out what i want to do with my life.
i've changed my perspective.
i've learned to make friends in the least expected people.

every year on my birthday, i like to look back at where i was the year before. i hope that each time i do this i see positive change and progress. this year i have. 

you know what they say... "one year older and wiser too..."

13 August 2010

i get around.

when i was ten years old i sold candy to strangers on a corner near my house. it began when i stole the candy my brother was asked to morp with, and it slowly turned into an honest business, much thanks to the various bulk options offered at sam's club. 
after a couple weeks of fairly successful amateur entrepreneurship, i had earned enough money to buy almost a whole bike. thankfully, my parents covered the remaining costs and I did in fact become the proud owner of an entire, fully functional, purple, sparkly, bicycle. needless to say it was my greatest treasure and i couldn't have been more proud. 

the purple beauty, with matching purple helmet, lasted me a good long time. we had some nice rides together. whether it was down the street or on the river trail, the purple bicycle never failed to please me.

that is... until I outgrew it. then began the age of the scooter. oh how i loved my little blue JD BUG. i thought i was so classy and mobile. 
however, soon i forgot about two wheeled objects all together and my desire for a car was born. 

when i was sixteen, i became the proud driver of a purple honda accord. this four-wheeled dream boat has brought me many a joys and countless memories. overall, it has treated me pretty well and i love it with all my heart even through all the bumps and bruises.

despite all this, for a few years now, i have found my desires reverting back to the candy stand days. i've been dying for a new mode of transportation... a sleek, shiny, adorable, classic and comfortable beach cruiser. as you may recall from this post.

much to my delight, my dreams have finally been realized. i am now the thrilled possessor of a gorgeous, turquoise, seven speed, classic, beach cruiser. and i honestly couldn't be more satisfied.
many many thanks to my parents who decided to treat me to my birthday present a month early so i could enjoy a little summertime with the cutie. i think i've taken it for a ride every day since we first met. neglect is not a concern in this relationship.

throw together my number one most desired object, my favorite color, a darling basket, a lustrous bell, the warm summer weather, and an open road, and you find me one hundred percent happy

i have to say, hands down, this is my absolute most favorite mode of transportation.
if you want to go for a bike ride. you know who to call. 

thanks again mum and dad.