30 August 2009

soundtrack for our movie.

you may have noticed that the titles of my blog posts are pretty random, weird and don't really make such sense half the time. this is because they are song titles.

being so, i have decided to make a playlist of all the songs that are my blog titles. (at least all the ones i could find on project playlist.) look to the left side of the page and feel free to go wild. and make sure you scroll on the window and the actual playlist to see all the songs.

now disclaimer: just because they are on this playlist, doesn't mean they are necessarily good songs. unfortunately they just all have good titles. granted i do like some of them. just not all. okay.

so enjoy. or don't.

but here you go.

big, blonde and beautiful.

new hair.

thats all.

time is running out.

this post is for two people.

first, alyssa lee smith. my freshman year roommate.
this week we celebrated our one year anniversary of moving in together. in a non-gross way. we had our ups and downs but over all it was a great year and now we are the best of friends. love you alyss.

second, michelle maw. best friends for life.

michelle and i have known each other for forever and although we haven't always been the closest of friends we are now. she is one amazing girl and i love her with my whole heart. this summer has been a blast with her and i don't know what i would have done with out her these past months.

yesterday, someone very close to michelle passed away. someone we all knew and loved a great deal. becky ellis was an amazing woman and she will be remembered strongly by all those that knew her. after a long battle with cancer, she is now with her heavenly father and no longer in pain.

i love mich and hope things will be okay eventually. i am going to miss her and alyssa a lot while i am away.

so here is to these two girls. some of the best people i've ever known.

my name is trouble.

i really like blogging.

(i promise)

i'm just sorta bad at it. oops.

here is a little update about my life.

1. wednesday was my last technical day of seven peaks.

i had been helping in HR all week while Emily Llewellyen Dabczynski became Emily Llewellyen Dabczynski Bell. and i got to spend oodles of time with Emilie Laura Wright who is the employee of the universe in case you didn't know. emilie took me to lunch twice in this time and was WAY too sweet to me.

now don't get me wrong. i liked my job. i liked the five different bosses i had over the course of three months. i liked counting all my money every day. i liked hanging out with my list of people to fire. (shhhh.) i liked the blue polo shirts tucked into khakis. i liked all the relationships that happened in the park. and i especially liked getting yelled at by customers hour after hour. FINE these were all things i hated. but these are the things i truly did like: i liked some of the people. i liked lunch break. i liked to organize the office. i liked it when customers were happy and complimentive. i liked it when people came to get something from lost and found and we actually had it. i liked it when i worked in HR. i liked it when i was aubrey's assistant for twoish weeks. i liked a lot of things. its sad to leave. but ready to be done. it is very interesting after all these years of swimming at the park to see exactly how everything is run. but its all over now. horray.
2. the other night was a really great night. alisen, michelle and i went to a fire with some boys from high school. almost died but had a good time. then we went to spoon me, sang some boyz ii men karoke and got some frozen yogurt. yummm (i even got mine free since my birthday was the day before)

then, the event that made the night, we ran through the sprinklers. it was amazing, wonderful, fantastic, happy and way too great.

3. other than that i've been getting ready for london, shopping, cleaning, eating, sleeping, watching 3 seasons of gilmore girls, dancing, watching movies, seeing old friends, going to weddings, singing, going to fires, going on walks and bike rides and drives, watching scary movies in my backyard and loving life.

and even loving life some more.

the fake, the snake and the birthday cake.

its official, i can now legally buy cigarettes in the state of utah.

okay fine. i don't care about buying cigarettes. but come on there is nothing cool about turning 19 unless you are a mormon boy who plans on going on a mission, or addicted to nicotine.

i am neither. at least thats what they tell me.

anyway, last week was my birthday and it was great.

i started out the day on a hike with Rondi and my Father.

then we picnicked and showered and headed up to park city to ride the alpine coaster and the alpine slide. which were great.

afterwards we went to the cheesecake factory where i had my favorite dish Chicken Madeira with strawberry shortcake and dulce de leche cheesecake for dessert.

thennnn michelle and alisen came over and we got mocktails and a crazy free birthday dessert at spark.

then we watched a scary movie in my backyard on the classic every-blanket-in my-house-bed.

i'm nineteen now. which means..
only one more year of being a teenager.
only one more year of feeling okay about being in love with joe jonas.
only one more year to feel okay about watching suite life on deck, hannah montana, jonas and wizards of waverly place. (okay, maybe that should have stopped years ago.)
only one more year of being a kid.

its going to be AWESOME!

25 August 2009

getting there is getting by.

its been one year since i've seen this face.

one year since my chapstick has been eaten.
one year since my used tissues have been strewn around the house.
one year since my clean underwear has been slept on.
one year since my toilet bowl has been drunk out of.
one year since i've tipped over a bowl of water into a bowl of food.
one year since i've come home to pee on the carpet.
one year since i've actually had to use a broom.
one year since i've heard that excited barking welcoming me home.
one year since i've heard the scratching at the door.
one year since i've had a sloppy lick on my face.
one year since i've heard the i'm-so-mad-they-left-me-home-alone-howling.
one year since i've felt a happy tail beating on my leg.
one year since i've had a snuggle.
one year since i've rubbed a belly.
one year since i've seen that skeleton body with that watermelon belly.
one year since i've looked into those loving eyes, the eyes that never let me down.
one year since i've known, no matter how long i'm away someone will always be waiting for me when i get home.
one year since my tears have been comforted with him climbing in my lap.
one year since the best thing i've ever had has been gone.
one year since cobi jones jenson passed away.

one sad, long, and lonely year.

here's to cobi. the best dog/brother/friend i have ever known. i am glad you are no longer suffering or in pain. and i am sure you are loving all the chocolate and raisin bread you can get in heaven. but i miss you dog. more than you know. i know you are up there looking down on me as i type this, continuing to take care of me. i can't wait to see you again. i don't know how i could have made it through my adolescence without you. you were with me through some of the most important times of my life and you truly knew when i was ready to move on without you. thanks for being my sweet little doggie, and always being there. i love you forever. dogs really are mans best friend.

heres to another year.

23 August 2009

i spy.

look who is seeing the world in a whole new way.

yay for new glasses. don't i look smart? trust me, i need all the help i can get these days.

16 August 2009

homesick at space camp.

about a week ago i was telling some friends at work that besides when i got my tonsils out, and that migraine i had a few weeks ago, i haven't thrown up in years.

apparently i spoke too soon.

this week i came down with the stomach flu and threw my guts up numerous times.


and provo has been covered in a complete downpour for the past 4 days. i couldn't even play in the rainstorm the other day.

heres to being well.

12 August 2009

we're at the top of the world.

well cami moved back to cedar this weekend leaving michelle and me all alone to fend for ourselves. okay fine, it isn't that dramatic. it is sad to see her go but things seem to be going great down there! She is an RA in the freshman dorms at SUU which will be way fun for her. I can't wait to make some cedar visits this year!

anyway, since cami was leaving, mich and I decided we needed a little break ourselves. So we headed down to Vegas. It was a short trip but it was nice to get away and spend some time together, away from Provo.

we hit the stratosphere rides, loved the big shot, didn't so much enjoy the air sickness effects of the insanity and were scared to death on the other one...can't remember what it is called but the one where it shoots you off the side of the tower! SCARY!!!

we spent some time on the strip, avoiding prostitutes, creepers and the blackjack tables and we even got some great matching nightgowns from coke world.

now we are home and back to reality...but the good news is, i will be in london in exactly three weeks!

09 August 2009

they'll never know.

somewhere along the road i must have done something right because i know five of the greatest girls in the world. lucky me, these girls are some of my very best friends. they will never know how much i love them.

heres to rebekah, callista, karissa, camille, michelle, and a friendship that started many years ago and will last for many more.

unfortunately, we don't get to see each other very often but when we do it is the best of times.

last week we had our annual girls dinner where we delighted in some wingers-as per tradition-and caught up on each others lives.

then we continued our tradition and gathered at the provo high football field... the place where it all started.

can't wait for all the changes that will be made by the next time we are together!

taken for a ride.

about a month ago i bought this tank top at the nordstrom sale for $24.90 (+tax)
[keep in mind that is a SALE price, originally priced at $38]

this weekend i found this shirt at tjmaxx for $12.00 (+tax)

see the difference?

the color right? yeah. that and about $13.

i'm all for buying designer clothes at a discounted price. but really?

next time i need a warning.

06 August 2009


I ran into a crystal clear glass door the other day. face first.

here's proof:

see that smudge right by the bright light?
my lips.
then my nose.
even my eyebrow.

yeah, my nose still hurts.