28 March 2010

i can't help myself.

zone perfect fudge graham bars are the most delicious nutritional treats ever made. 

i promise.

i eat those suckers like candy. they are the prefect snack. especially when i spend all my time not at my apartment where i have ready access to food. i don't know what it is about them, but they taste absolutely heavenly and i just can't get enough.

good thing they are pretty healthy or i might be in trouble. 

many thanks to my sister who introduced these perfect little bars.

24 March 2010

paint pastel princess.

For one of my classes i have to write an ad campaign for a product i am passionate about. want to know what i chose? OPI Nail Lacquer. my choice nail polish. 

i mentioned before that i like painted fingernails. well i was telling the truth. i really really do. right now my fingernails are light purple. but that changes about every week. 
fact: i like to paint my nails myself. i think i do a better job than most manicurists. or maybe when i mess up, i feel better about blaming myself.

anyway, did you know OPI stands for Odontorium Products, Inc.?? Odontorium Products, Inc. is the dental supply company that George Schaeffer inherited in 1981 that inspired him to make an acrylic nail lacquer. did you also know that OPI has been a family run company ever since? a company that is dedicated to quality products and customer safety? 

not only do they have the perfect colors with creative names but they don't chip, they apply well and they stick around for a while. plus my nails like the way OPI treats them. 

so that is why i choose OPI.

wish me luck on my campaign.

23 March 2010

whatever you like.

i like to like. 


have you heard the miller lite radio commercials about the difference between like and love??? well they are great. if you haven't received the pleasure of hearing one of the beauties, click on this  and then on the radio spot, to hear one of the less funny but still great radio commercials. 

after hearing one of the greatest miller lite radio spots, i have been inspired to talk a little about things i like.

i like the ampersand.

i like journals. not writing in them, just collecting them.

i like floral prints. 

i like belts.

i like bulletin boards.

i like books. all sorts of books.

i like painted finger nails.

i also like this song about like.

you know you like me. xoxo.

21 March 2010

next best thing.

sure, BYU doesn't get a spring break but when you can't get what you want, you just have to improvise. so much to my delight, last week one of my favorite people on the planet came to spend her spring break with me!

i love this girl.

cami was here for a week and we partied.

we began our week with a little music from our two favorite brothers ben and chad. 
we had some girl time and reunited with our favorite high school besties.
we loved watching gossip girl, one tree hill and a bunch of movies.
we were the biggest sports fans going to 1 baseball game, 1 soccer game and 4 basketball games and watching 4 basketball games on tv.
we drank a lot of caffeine and ate some yummy food.
we pampered ourselves and got pedicures.
we danced the night away and rocked the night away.
but mostly we spent lots of much needed quality time together.
sadly our 3rd part (michelle) was missing most of the time but when she was here we had our best time together. 

so YES my "spring break" was good. even if i was at school for half of it.  

20 March 2010


truth: i only take pictures when i'm with my london girls. force of habit? i think so. 

my point is, i had another london reunion last week and it was glorious. can i brag and tell you that i know 40 of the most awesome girls and 3 of the greatest professors plus 3 of the sweetest families ever? because i do. and i love each and every one of them.

needless to say when we all get together we have a good time. we love to reminisce and we love to catch up but mostly we just love to be together. so last friday we gathered at the evans perfect-little-straight-out-of-a-catalog house to do all the above.

we ate, we chatted, and we missed london. good times all around. 
lauren & kristin
the girls and jenny-our favorite london resident
my fellow room 3-ers. Jess and Shannon. we totally miss sleeping next to each other. 

the party was great and it made me miss london a whole lot. can't wait for our next get together!

16 March 2010

i'd rather be with you.

joshua radin is definitely on my top ten favorite artists. maybe even top five.

i love this song.
and i really love this video. 

I also stumbled across this dramatic beauty.... i've recently been re-living the grey's anatomy seasons and meredith grey and derek shepherd are all i think about. i'm just about done with season two and i can't wait till i finish season three and addison leaves to start her own private practice.

thank you joshua radin for helping me procrastinate studying for my 
public relations test.

10 March 2010

carpe diem.

the buried life is the best thing to happen to mtv since carson daly was on trl.

the buried life is a show about four boys who made a list of things they want to do before they die. so they travel across america in a purple van called penelope checking off parts of their list one by one. for every item they cross off their list they help a stranger cross one off theirs. 

inspirational right?

so. here is my list of things i want to do before i die. including the ones i've already checked off.. (in no order)

1. Eat dinner on top of the Space Needle.
2. Live in a foreign country.
3. Ride the London Eye.
4. Visit the Egyptian Pyramids.
5. Stay in the city called Emilia in Italy.
6. Become good a skiing.
7. Go skydiving.
8. Bungee jump in New Zealand.
9. Go to the Rome Temple.
10. Visit Platform 9 and 3/4.
11. Be an extra in a movie/tv show.
12. Be in a Parade.
13. Work with orphans/underprivileged children in a 3rd world country. 
14. Make out with Joe Jonas. 
15. Save someones life.
16. Graduate from college.
17. Visit Pearl Harbor. 
18. Go to culinary school.
19. Graffiti with spray paint. on a wall/train. somewhere. 
20. Be on a game show.

and a whole lot more...

the question is... what do you want to do before you die?

04 March 2010

break your heart.

just give me a second to brag. 

maybe you've read the books go ask alice/jays journal/it happened to nancy.
and maybe you know beatrice sparks is a very deep/depressing youth counselor that also published journals.

maybe you know that beatrice is now a 92 year old woman with dementia.

or maybe you don't.

but if you do, or even if you don't. you can appreciate the fact that this past sunday i was able to visit with beatrice. a couple friends and i visited a rest home in the area and to my delight, beatrice was one of the lovely people we worked with. she was a doll and she touched my heart. the people in the dementia ward of this rest home are such great people and i loved visiting them. 

on a lighter note... the current top selling single on itunes right now is a song that i heard live the beginning of november. the first time we heard it, we sang along mockingly. it's so british we said. well lookie here. america has caught on to the taio cruz craze britain accepted many months ago. congratulations for keeping up with the times america.

happiness is a warm gun.

remember when i said NOT to do i rain dance??

top reason provo weather sucks: it is gorgeous one minute and absolutely miserable the next. what is this snow?? bring back the warmth.

anyway. my life is considerably less interesting this semester seeing as i don't attend a broadway musical every week or visit castles or see famous people or travel to various countries. 

nevertheless... here are the top things i have been doing.

a few weeks ago we had a london reunion. it is always good to be back with my london girls. i can't believe that over 6 months ago i left for london and i have been home almost 3 months! 

over presidents day weekend, my parents and i took of to san antonio to visit my brother and his fam. ever since they moved from nearby vegas to texas, my life has not been the same! it was a good week fun of olympics, shopping and hanging out with the family. i already miss them SO much!

i added to my list of winter activities and went ice skating. i impersonated a uvu institute student for the night and i felt okay about it.

other than that there have been some dances, parties, basketball games, movies, and lots of olympics.

umm also. i never liked bachelor jake on jillian's season. and i liked him a little bit more on his season. but VIENNA? sick. wrong. you two white trash horny kids belong together.

but i LOVE that ali is the next bachelorette. yesss. i can't wait for may.

life's good.

got me going.

well the good news is Bronson is live and well! Nine days after he was rushed to Primary Children's Medical Center he was home and back to normal. his recovery story is amazing. and the family of four boys is back in action. read all about it on sara's blog

the bad news is i totally suck a blogging. but whatever. 

the other good news is BYU beat Utah last night which means everyone is happy but i also get extra credit in my business writing class. thank you cougars.

some more good news: spring is poking its lil head out. byu campus is the BEST in spring. all the students come out to play. no longer do i have to rush around freezing my arse off in misery. now i can slowly stroll between my classes and come across happy, sunlight absorbing zoobies. even if the warmth does bring out the weirdness in some byu students.
also, i'm listening to this really great playlist on itunes right now. whoever invented "genius" should be sent to heaven immediately. i love "genius" with all my might.

can i tell you how often i get sick of my blog background/layout. in all honesty it takes about a day. i like it for a good 24 hours. and then BAM! i am tired of everything i see. 

is it bad that i often spend vast amounts of time on google earth wandering around london? i miss it okay. i've already made my mom promise we will be back for the 2012 summer olympics.

which, by the way... Vancouver. okay, they totally struggled all around. but the games are the games, and i LOVED this years winter olympics. SLC 2002 was probably the best thing that every happened to me and i'll always hold the winter olympics very dear. petition for slc winter olympics 2018???? 

till then, pray for sunlight. no raindances PLEASE! just praises to mister golden sun.