30 October 2009

city traffic puzzle.

last week i got a little visitor called rondi. aka my sister. i had a week off school and she decided to come hang out!

We had a blast. I played tour guide barbie and tried to show her all the good sights of London. We walked through every room of the national gallery, went to the imperial war museum and tate modern. we saw jersey boys and les mis. we went to paris. we ate lots of yummy food. we dealt with a series of internet issues. we stayed in a small but comfortable hotel room. and just had a good time!

it was fun to have some family over here but i definitely missed everyone else! 



Jenson Family said...

Miss you, sis. Wish I could spit a hot cheddar pepper on your arm right now. The posts you put up are amazing. Love the way you write. Love your pictures. What an experience! xoxoxoxo Skype ya soon!

Rondi said...

fun times! love your guts!