30 October 2009

uppers aren't necessary.

i love this picture of my sister, niece and I. i was looking at the the other day and noticed how happy we all look. it got me thinking about what makes me happy. so here is a little list. sure, i'm a little list obsessive. but it happens. so deal.

I LOVE....
my nieces and nephews. nothing beats a good squeeze and snuggle from those little kids. and i really mean nothing. i miss them more than anything when they are far away.

hugs. someone once told me you need to be hugged 7 times a day to be healthy. pretty sure i need 70.

clean laundry. when i look around my room and realize that the only dirty clothes i own are the ones on my back. even if it takes me a few days to do all the loads.

long talks on long drives or long walks. if you are interesting i could talk to you and listen all day if we had the time.

reunions. goodbyes are my greatest weakness, nothing like its counter part to light up my days.

letters. nothing like that little envelope with your name on it to make your day. especially if it is someone far away. 

fall. crunchy leaves beneath your feet, sweaters, boots, scarves, fires, halloween, provo canyon and all the colors. i love fall.

the feeling right after you get done brushing your teeth. super clean and minty fresh. yummy.

singing and dancing around my house with my sisters. completely obnoxious but absolutely entertaining.

that point late at night when you can't stop laughing and you don't know why. 

hope you enjoyed this cheese fest.

my favorite's gouda.


Rondi said...

I wish I could send you a big brick of Gouda like in She's The Man. Cute post

alyssa said...

You would love brushing your teeth!
Haha. Adorable.