25 November 2009

country road

Okay, so right after Rondi left we coached (rode on a coach for many hours) our way to Wales-as in the country just right next to england. we're still not really clear on why we actually went to wales but it was random and fun and you know what? another country on the list. We went to some museum but courtney, catherine, megan and i just ended up making halloween crafts. i'm not disappointed. That night Megan and I went shopping and to dinner and we saw a semi weird but funny production of The BFG in honor of my second favorite Wales born, Roald Dahl. (my first favorite shall be discussed on a later note.) 

The next day we came back to England and visited a few church history sites. We started out at Hall Farm aka Benbow Farm where Willford Woodruff baptized a whole bunch of people. We visited a few churches and small towns. We took a slightly exhausting hike up a hill that made us realize just how out of shape we have become. However, only after our lovely coach drive Tony completely bashed in a car. Thats what he gets for yelling at us for sleeping while making us carsick. I'm just saying. But the view from the top of the hill was gorgeous. No wonder two past lds prophets frequented this place. Lastly we visited Gadfield Elm Chapel.This is the oldest LDS chapel in existence and it was pretty cool. To get in you had to figure out a code by answering a set of questions about the LDS church. super espionage like and all.

the best part of the trip could possibly be the fact that megan thinks wales used to be called jwales. yeah, with a j. 

love you meg.

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