30 October 2009

the hardest part.

i saw this snail the other day and it reminded me of home. ((i promise thats not weird if you've ever walked up my front steps.)) so i thought i would take some time to talk about the things i miss from home. even though i live in a dream land, provo just has something nowhere else has. and it isn't just a bunch of mormons.

diet dew. the barely carbonated diet coke here just doesn't quite quench my thirst. somebody send me a big gulp.

making treats. chocolate chip cookies, raspberry cakemix bars, no bakes, hash, muddy buddies...i haven't used an oven or stove in months.

provo canyon in the fall. hikes up bridal view, bon fires, drives to park city. anything and everything dealing with the colorful, crunchy leaves of my hometown.

a good provo dance. i know right? when you have at least three of these every weekend they get old, but when you live thousands of miles away you crave a little 80's or neon or any other random bash they usually put on. shake it.

couches. we just don't have any couches here and you know, you need a little couch time every now and then. call me a couch potato.

television. okay i know, call me a couch potato again, but i love my shows. gossip girl, one tree hill, desperate housewives and grey's anatomy are the best things. waiting them to stream on the internet for hours just doesn't cut it for me. i love sunday, monday and thursday night rituals. and i don't care how pathetic that makes me sound.

a desk. unfortunately my bed just doesn't quite cut it for a studying space. i could use some drawers, i don't know, maybe a hard surface to do my homework on. 

i love ptown. and i love london town. good thing i get to live both places.

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