10 October 2009

if i ever leave this world alive.

last week courtney, kristin and i decided to take off to ireland for a couple days. we didn't have school and tickets were cheap so we made the arrangements and we were off. we spent the first day in dublin. we visited trinity college, st. patricks cathedral and a whole bunch of other great places. After realizing that Dublin is the most fun if you are drunk, we decided to spend the next day in the country. 

We woke up early and headed to a small little town called Enniskerry. In Enniskerry is the estate and gardens of Powerscourt. If you have ever seen The Count of Monte Cristo you would recognize this as the place where he lands his hot air balloon. It was an amazing house and garden. We spent a lot of time just sitting in the gardens and enjoying the beautiful Irish scenery. Ireland is just as gorgeous as you always thought it was. 

Plus they LOVE me there...


Jenson Family said...

Oh my gosh! Beautiful and I love all the Emilia stores!!! How funny is that?

Shera said...