15 October 2009

rock my body.

Yesterday we went ventured out of the city to see our favorite rock stars.... stonehenge! i know, punny right? (thats okay, at the gift shop at the site every souvenir said "stonehenge rocks" on it. creative.) anyway, stonehenge. different than i thought it would be but still really awesome. stonehenge. this is what i think about when i think of england. i can't believe i live in the same country as this stuff. 

Then we drove a ways to Stourhead. This was a lovely estate and garden. Part of it (the temple of apollo and surrounding elements) was in the recent version of P&P. However, since it was under construction we didn't get to see it. the rest of the place was gorgeous though. i hate all these rich people and their lavish estates and a "backyard" everyone dreams of.

After that we went to Bath, my favorite place of the day. First we took a tour of the Roman Baths, the original day spa. Glad to see the conquerers were into beauty and pampering. I always knew I loved the Romans. If it weren't for the algae i might have plunged into Britain's finest hot pots. The town of bath was so wonderful. I loved the roman architecture. I'll be real though, that wasn't the only beautiful thing there. All in all, I haven't seen one attractive male in London besides Chris Martin on the stage in front of me. But in Bath, i was not disappointed. not at all. Not that I wanted to take off and date any of them or anything... But when you live with forty girls it is nice to see some attractive members of the opposite sex every now and then. so thank you bath.

all around we had a really great day trip. it's nice to take a break from the city.


Shera said...

Emmy you Rock!

Heather and Trevor said...

Great post! What an amazing opportunity to see Stone Henge! I love reading about your travels. I love the post before where you mentioned the scene from The Count of Monte Cristo in the air balloon - so cool. And I will echo what Shera said, YOU ROCK! Love u!