11 October 2009

this is my home.

well it has been one full month since I moved to London. plus like eleven days. i can't even believe it. 
here are a few lessons i've learned so far....
1. blog stalking is trickier here. when you show up on someone's blog tracker as an ip address from the united kingdom it isn't too hard to guess who that is. hmm how many people do i know that live in the uk?? hard guess right? life was much better when it just said provo ut. 
2. i will never get over the awkwardness of people skyping right next to the toilets. every time i need to go to the bathroom i have to walk right over them. good thing their whole family/friends/boyfriends know what i am about to do. and as i exit they know what i've just done. umm hi i know we've never met but you have just gotten to know me quite quickly.
3. 40 girls equals a whole lot of hormones. way too much estrogen and no testosterone. bad news baby.
4. when they said there were mice...they meant it. we sure love our furry little roommates. yummy.
5. you can tell if someone is a native to london by the way they pass you on the street. you can also tell if someone is a native londoner by the way they act on the tube.
6. the internet never works properly when you want it to. which is always. so never. make sense? neither does british technology. thank goodness for mcdonald's and their free wifi. 
(number 6 part B) you can also tell what time of day it is by how well the internet is working.
7. The amount of food 40 girls consume in one day is kind of ridiculous. life is different without the men around. very different.
8. cockney rhyming slang just might be the best nonsense made up language on the planet. 
9. i feel perfectly fine about the fact that i may or may not be listening to christmas music at this very moment. its never too early. 
10. they don't mess around about the rain here. this is no drizzle. this is running through the sprinklers at nielsens grove, fully clothed, in the middle of winter, for the entire day. oh baby when it rains it pours. and that statement has never been more true.

london will steal your heart whether you like it or not. so watch out.

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Kimber and Casey said...

gah! i loved this post! so adorable! i wish i were able to remember cute things like that about the places i am! haha, but london soundsmuch funnier :)