30 October 2009

long ago and far away.

top ten semi-embarrassing facts about my childhood.

1. i used to have a pet taquito. aka an old wrapping paper roll tied to a string. and sometimes it even had kids (toilet paper rolls obviously)

2. ella bella and kuja were my imaginary friends. kuja lived in the orthodontists office and ella bella was killed by playing tackle volleyball. they had a good life and they were the best friends around.

3. sometimes when i was really mad at my brother or parents i would climb out my window and run away to the gazebo in my backyard. i always liked the idea of running away but never had anywhere else to go.

4. i was a total collector of all things girly. ty pets, melanie's mall, polly pockets (the old really small kind), barbies, the american girl doll molly, and all the accessories to go with each of these things. however, i totally loved my brothers G.I. Joe men and toy cars. and i always wanted one of those nascar tracks.

5. i sometimes faked sick because i was afraid the school would catch on fire.

6. at one time i was completely and utterly in love with justin timberlake, jc chazez, nick carter, and brian littrell. okay, lets be real...i still am.

7. i loved watching disney channel cartoons in the mornings even when i was much older than socially acceptable. and you know, i still enjoy me some wizards, hannah, and suite life on deck. don't judge me.

8. my one true dream was the build a snow fort and play in it like the one on the movie snow day. it never seemed to snow enough to quite fulfill my wish.

9. i could have played crash bandicoot all night every night and been happy about it. and okay, sometimes i did.

10. i used to climb up the sides of my hallway so much the walls were dirty. oh to be that small and flexible again.

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