15 October 2009

can't get it out of my head.

i'm realizing i haven't updated this baby enough in the past month and I apologize for the five of you that actually read this. But since most of you are my family and actually care about what i am doing in this city, i guess i should fill you in.

after ireland, we decided we needed to get straight back into london's true culture and went to a football game. true european ((f-u-t-b-o-l)). no pads, no helmets...just balls. or so says simple plan. we saw Fulham FC vs. FC Bersal. We cheered for our very own Fulham. however, i may or may not have had a crush on swiss midfielder (valentin stocker) and found myself internally rooting for the other team. in the end, my london side prevailed one-zero but i still found my heart in switzerland. overall it was a successful night and for the first time in a long time us girls were heavily outnumbered by men, and the usage of effwords.

a few days later we traveled to the hometown of a little poet called william shakespeare. stratford upon avon. we first happened upon his mother Mary Arden's farm. then we ventured to a farmhouse in shottery to see where anne hathaway lived in her youth... previous to her role in princess diaries. okay fine, wrong girl, same name. in reality she was Shakespeare's shotgun wife and bearer of his three children and her house was real small but lovely. then we went to the birthplace of the great poet. it began with an almost disneyland like attraction and ended with an almost accurate recitation of a sonnet. we ended our day in the town on the river by viewing winter's tale at the courtyard theater. 

when we got home from stratford upon avon, i found a letter addressed to me on my bed. as i opened it, i learned i was a witch and was enrolled in a school called hogwarts. good thing i was in london and just a short tube ride away from kings cross to take platform 9 & 3/4. after that all my dreams came true. seriously can i tell you again how much it pleases me to live in the birthplace of my favorite wizard.

after that we decided we needed a good snog. and so we went and got frozen yogurt. make sense? think spoon me meets britain. it was DELICIOUS! but definitely over priced. don't be surprised if i fill up a whole punch card while i am here though. yummy.

love you london.

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