25 November 2009

cemeteries of london.

i'll admit, i was a bit skeptical about halloween in london. halloween is most positively my third favorite holiday (right after christmas and the fourth of july of course) and i just didn't know if this city could live up to my expectations. i was wrong. halloween in londy was pretty great all around and i was not let down. 

we started off the holiday a little early with a house party on the thursday before. thanks to our favorite set of "moms" we had fun decorations and yummy treats. we carved pumpkins, made carmel apples and played around. we were lucky enough to have our favorite tour guide peter fagg drop off his adorable kids for our party so we got to play with kids too!

the actually day of halloween was even better than our party. we started out the morning attempting to visit a place called the London Dungeons, but it was a 3 hour wait so we walked over to Borough Market where we ate all sorts of yummy food. then we came back to the center and changed into costumes. 

finding things to wear was tricky with our limited supply of clothes but we managed. i wore a very sequined and outrageous dress that i found on a nearby street. one of the other girls and i decided we were kit deluca and vivian from little woman. yes we are aware of the negative connotations of that. but you know? whatever. 

we hurried over to the london eye. and by hurried, i mean sprinted. make that bridge two i've ran across. check the london eye was great and i don't care what anyone says, it was not overrated at all. i love london. right after the ride we indulged in some AMAZING donuts that tasted like heaven. literally. 

then we took our party back across the river to Hard Rock Cafe. the very first hard rock cafe ever in fact. it was pretty great. all the waiters were dressed up and scared us continuously. we played the rest of the night. it was full of laughter, dancing and lots of fun. 

this is halloween. and this is the best.

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Kimber and Casey said...

you're on this trip with laura bayles!!!!!!! i didn't know that! tell her i said hi!! and that her mom did AMAZING on my cake!