27 November 2009

paris holds the key.

a few weeks ago I went to the most gorgeous city i've ever seen...paris france.

here are a few highlights...

court and i loved our eurostar ride through the chunnel so much. especially when accompanied with a little bit of jay-z and some shut eye. only after i accidentally washed my hands in the mens toilets. oops.

 our first real sight of the eiffel tower was from the sacre couer and what can i say? adoration at first sight.

we did a little shopping on my favorite street. and even got ourselves a few great parisian clothes.

day two began with a little bit of an industrial hike through the outskirts of the city and an arrival at the palace of versailles. Marie Antoinette was one luck woman.

and we got our hunchback on at the notre dame cathedral. 

i loved the true to life gargoyles, i don't blame quasi-modo for hanging out there all day long.

we also visited the moulin rouge to fulfill a drewm of mine ever since i first fell in love with ewan mcgregor and nicole kidman in my favorite movie.

other highlights include a ride to the top of the eiffel tower along with a light show that rivaled disneyland, the louvre and my favorite museum the orsay, delicious pastries and baguettes, plenty of art and amazing clothes and about 5000 too many stairs to climb.

j'adore paris. ♥ ♥ ♥

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