25 November 2009

christmas with you is the best.

One of the best things about London is since there is no Thanksgiving, Christmas season begins a lot earlier here. The start of November brought a whole lot of Christmas cheer and I couldn't be more pleased about it. good thing about london part two: movie premieres. lucky for me, the beginning of november combined both these treats into one and placed them right on our doorstep. It was the Christmas Carol premiere and it was fantast.

On the night of the premiere the girls and I headed over to Regent Street and Oxford Street to experience all the festivities. As we stood in a Times-Square-on-New-Years-Eve type crowd we were serenaded by the likes of Pete Andre (our favorite british pop star) and a few other british acts. then much to our american liking, jim carrey graced us with his presence. along with british heartthrob collin firth. they then carried out a very ceremonious turning on of christmas lights and then we broke a world record for largest singing of christmas carols. it was lovely. 

we then fought the vicious crowd and made our way over to Leicester Square to see the red carpet. we watched our boy Jim walk across and into the theater and felt pretty pleased. we finished the night off with some chinese food and went to bed loving everything about the christmas spirit.

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