28 November 2009

livin' la vida loca.

from paris megan and I jetted off to Barcelona for the weekend. It began with a long shuttle ride and a completely sketchy airport where megan and i almost died of sugar overdose, exhaustion, and absolutely craziness. But never the less we made it to Barcelona, with only minor ATM drama. 

From the airport we took another bus ride into the city and a mostly wild taxi ride through Barcelona. We arrived at our "hotel" just in time for the police to relocate some drunken homeless men. Although we couldn't quite figure out which unmarked door we should enter or what the scratchy spanish voice on the intercom was saying, we eventually made it upstairs and into our checker-floored hotel room for a much needed restful nights sleep. 

We woke up in the morning to walk to streets of Barcelona in truly perfect weather. After the cold in London and Paris, the warmth of the Mediterranean sun was welcomed in with gratitude. We did a little shopping and grabbed ourselves a map then ventured into a whole new world at Las Ramblas. Las Ramblas was unlike anything I had ever seen before. It is a street packed full of people, shops, restaurants, and really creepy street performers.

Soon we found ourselves at the docks surrounded by bright blue water and street vendors of all kinds. Meg and I picked up ourselves some stunna shades and maybe a bootleg copy of Michael Jackson's blockbuster. We then decided the best way to spend the rest of our day was on bikes so we rented some two wheelers and headed to beach. We rode around for five hours, stopping only to enjoy some Pina Coladas on the beach, dip our toes in the chilly Mediterranean, and watch the local surfers take advantage of the waves. Major bonus: we only saw a FEW naked men in the process. great.

The night ended with dinner, more shopping and an attempted viewing of "Luna Nueva" or as us American vampire obsessed kids call it "New Moon." However, it was only offered in Spanish and although Jacob is sexy in any language, we decided to save our euros. The streets of Barcelona were packed at all times of the day and it was insane to make our way through the crowds. We retired once more to our almost-sketchy hotel room to prepare for another big day.

We rose early the next day to enjoy the sights of Barcelona as much as possible. We ate some pastries and viewed the Arc de Triomf. Then we visited shrine of Barcelona's most beloved painter Pablo Picasso. We were able to see some original works from his childhood all the way through his blue period and even some photography. 

We then walked halfway across the city to the Sagrada Familia, which is a 100 year old cathedral that is still under construction. Apparently we won't see it's completion until 2030. Megan and I have already planned a reunion trip. Then we walked the rest of the way across the city to Parc Guell, another Gaudi project. Barcelona is a gorgeous city and Antoni Guadi's works only make it more amazing. His architecture is unlike anything I have ever seen before and I loved it!

We walked back to the center of town and back to the bus stop. After a slight panic and time change confusion we made it on our shuttle and back to the airport for yet another plane ride. We were more than pleased to spend every last euro cent on our dinner and some absolutely Gaudi-esque earrings. 

Megan and I fared quite well in Barcelona and our trip was absolutely successful. But we definitely were glad to be back  in London and with all the girls. 

viva la barcelona. 

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