25 November 2009

time after time.

we recently visited Greenwich for a little timely adventure. we began the day with dr. pepper zero. first dr. pepper i've had in a long time and it was sure yummy. 

We went to a Maritime Museum which was really cool. We saw all sorts of ships and eskimo suits. We reminisced about a little Transformers. 

It was a REALLY rainy day and we were immediately soaked the minute we walked outside. But we walked up a big hill to the Royal Observatory with umbrellas in hand (except for court who was drenched). 

We walked through the Observatory and over to the Prime Meridian of the world. Right there we were exactly at zero degrees longitude. special right?

we ended the day wit some delicious food at gourmet burger kitchen. i've never tasted better onion rings in my life. yummy. that night we went to a little baroque concert at a local church. 

and time was really flying.

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