12 August 2009

we're at the top of the world.

well cami moved back to cedar this weekend leaving michelle and me all alone to fend for ourselves. okay fine, it isn't that dramatic. it is sad to see her go but things seem to be going great down there! She is an RA in the freshman dorms at SUU which will be way fun for her. I can't wait to make some cedar visits this year!

anyway, since cami was leaving, mich and I decided we needed a little break ourselves. So we headed down to Vegas. It was a short trip but it was nice to get away and spend some time together, away from Provo.

we hit the stratosphere rides, loved the big shot, didn't so much enjoy the air sickness effects of the insanity and were scared to death on the other one...can't remember what it is called but the one where it shoots you off the side of the tower! SCARY!!!

we spent some time on the strip, avoiding prostitutes, creepers and the blackjack tables and we even got some great matching nightgowns from coke world.

now we are home and back to reality...but the good news is, i will be in london in exactly three weeks!

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