30 August 2009

time is running out.

this post is for two people.

first, alyssa lee smith. my freshman year roommate.
this week we celebrated our one year anniversary of moving in together. in a non-gross way. we had our ups and downs but over all it was a great year and now we are the best of friends. love you alyss.

second, michelle maw. best friends for life.

michelle and i have known each other for forever and although we haven't always been the closest of friends we are now. she is one amazing girl and i love her with my whole heart. this summer has been a blast with her and i don't know what i would have done with out her these past months.

yesterday, someone very close to michelle passed away. someone we all knew and loved a great deal. becky ellis was an amazing woman and she will be remembered strongly by all those that knew her. after a long battle with cancer, she is now with her heavenly father and no longer in pain.

i love mich and hope things will be okay eventually. i am going to miss her and alyssa a lot while i am away.

so here is to these two girls. some of the best people i've ever known.

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