30 August 2009

the fake, the snake and the birthday cake.

its official, i can now legally buy cigarettes in the state of utah.

okay fine. i don't care about buying cigarettes. but come on there is nothing cool about turning 19 unless you are a mormon boy who plans on going on a mission, or addicted to nicotine.

i am neither. at least thats what they tell me.

anyway, last week was my birthday and it was great.

i started out the day on a hike with Rondi and my Father.

then we picnicked and showered and headed up to park city to ride the alpine coaster and the alpine slide. which were great.

afterwards we went to the cheesecake factory where i had my favorite dish Chicken Madeira with strawberry shortcake and dulce de leche cheesecake for dessert.

thennnn michelle and alisen came over and we got mocktails and a crazy free birthday dessert at spark.

then we watched a scary movie in my backyard on the classic every-blanket-in my-house-bed.

i'm nineteen now. which means..
only one more year of being a teenager.
only one more year of feeling okay about being in love with joe jonas.
only one more year to feel okay about watching suite life on deck, hannah montana, jonas and wizards of waverly place. (okay, maybe that should have stopped years ago.)
only one more year of being a kid.

its going to be AWESOME!

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