25 August 2009

getting there is getting by.

its been one year since i've seen this face.

one year since my chapstick has been eaten.
one year since my used tissues have been strewn around the house.
one year since my clean underwear has been slept on.
one year since my toilet bowl has been drunk out of.
one year since i've tipped over a bowl of water into a bowl of food.
one year since i've come home to pee on the carpet.
one year since i've actually had to use a broom.
one year since i've heard that excited barking welcoming me home.
one year since i've heard the scratching at the door.
one year since i've had a sloppy lick on my face.
one year since i've heard the i'm-so-mad-they-left-me-home-alone-howling.
one year since i've felt a happy tail beating on my leg.
one year since i've had a snuggle.
one year since i've rubbed a belly.
one year since i've seen that skeleton body with that watermelon belly.
one year since i've looked into those loving eyes, the eyes that never let me down.
one year since i've known, no matter how long i'm away someone will always be waiting for me when i get home.
one year since my tears have been comforted with him climbing in my lap.
one year since the best thing i've ever had has been gone.
one year since cobi jones jenson passed away.

one sad, long, and lonely year.

here's to cobi. the best dog/brother/friend i have ever known. i am glad you are no longer suffering or in pain. and i am sure you are loving all the chocolate and raisin bread you can get in heaven. but i miss you dog. more than you know. i know you are up there looking down on me as i type this, continuing to take care of me. i can't wait to see you again. i don't know how i could have made it through my adolescence without you. you were with me through some of the most important times of my life and you truly knew when i was ready to move on without you. thanks for being my sweet little doggie, and always being there. i love you forever. dogs really are mans best friend.

heres to another year.


Rondi said...

I just cried

Heather and Trevor said...

Oh! We miss him too! I miss him so much too! Emma always asks about Cobi when we talk about Provo. "Cobi go bye,bye". He had such an impact on everyone! Love him!