30 August 2009

my name is trouble.

i really like blogging.

(i promise)

i'm just sorta bad at it. oops.

here is a little update about my life.

1. wednesday was my last technical day of seven peaks.

i had been helping in HR all week while Emily Llewellyen Dabczynski became Emily Llewellyen Dabczynski Bell. and i got to spend oodles of time with Emilie Laura Wright who is the employee of the universe in case you didn't know. emilie took me to lunch twice in this time and was WAY too sweet to me.

now don't get me wrong. i liked my job. i liked the five different bosses i had over the course of three months. i liked counting all my money every day. i liked hanging out with my list of people to fire. (shhhh.) i liked the blue polo shirts tucked into khakis. i liked all the relationships that happened in the park. and i especially liked getting yelled at by customers hour after hour. FINE these were all things i hated. but these are the things i truly did like: i liked some of the people. i liked lunch break. i liked to organize the office. i liked it when customers were happy and complimentive. i liked it when people came to get something from lost and found and we actually had it. i liked it when i worked in HR. i liked it when i was aubrey's assistant for twoish weeks. i liked a lot of things. its sad to leave. but ready to be done. it is very interesting after all these years of swimming at the park to see exactly how everything is run. but its all over now. horray.
2. the other night was a really great night. alisen, michelle and i went to a fire with some boys from high school. almost died but had a good time. then we went to spoon me, sang some boyz ii men karoke and got some frozen yogurt. yummm (i even got mine free since my birthday was the day before)

then, the event that made the night, we ran through the sprinklers. it was amazing, wonderful, fantastic, happy and way too great.

3. other than that i've been getting ready for london, shopping, cleaning, eating, sleeping, watching 3 seasons of gilmore girls, dancing, watching movies, seeing old friends, going to weddings, singing, going to fires, going on walks and bike rides and drives, watching scary movies in my backyard and loving life.

and even loving life some more.

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