29 April 2010

sun drenched world.

a few weeks ago the boy and I went to the tulip festival at thanksgiving point with his brother and sister in law. it was the perfect little introduction to spring and we soaked up the sun and loved all the gorgeous flowers. 
unfortunately, these days, mother nature is pointing her little finger and laughing at provo right now because it just can't seem to stay warm for more than two days at a time. 

nevertheless, the tulip festival was a great little tease and i can't wait till the weather stops playing these games. 

here are some pics to brighten your day. 

at least i am DONE with school for the next four months of my life. 

can't say that doesn't please me 100%.

1 comment:

Heather and Trevor said...

What beautiful flowers! Love that cute picture of you and him too. Thank goodness you are done with school too! Hooray! Miss you already! Come back soon please! :)