19 April 2010

real as it gets.

i have this infatuation... some people don't understand it, my mom hates it, but i embrace it.

i am totally into shawn corey carter aka jay-z.

i've always thought he was great, you know a little dirt off my shoulder, 99 problems, encore. you get it.

BUT THEN! 19 september 2009 when i walked into wembley arena to see my favorite british band coldplay perform in their hometown, i was graced by an opening act i will never forget, the very same jay-z rapping his heart out and stealing mine along the way. after this concert i knew it was true love.

and so I present to you this video from this weekend's Coachella Festival, an event I am deeply sad to have missed.

jay-z and his one true love beyonce performing young forever. i think it's pretty great.


Rondi said...

So Robyn was there. Rude hu? I love this video!

Gramma Betsy said...

Hey! Hate is a strong word! I don't mind some of his "stuff". I say "stuff" because you know, "Rap Music" is an oxymoron!