08 April 2010

mon cœur s'ouvre à ta voix.

could you be more perfect? 
i don't think so.

their concert monday at the E-Center was absolutely spectacular. 

i loved muse when i saw them live in 2007, and i love them just as much in 2010. 

i don't mind that i had to race through sleet tearing my eyeballs and face apart and soaking every part of my body to get to the show. i don't mind that i had to sit in a parking lot for 1.5 hours waiting to go home. i don't even mind that the guy next me to caught the bassists harmonica and i didn't. 

the concert was amazing. and i have no complaints.

not to mention a great opening performance by silversun pickups.
it was a great night.

thank you muse for satisfying all the undisclosed desires of my heart.

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