05 April 2010

when it rains.

it's been a long week.

first. my parents house flooded. twice. poor guysthere have been vacuums, hoses, chords, and fans all over my house for the past two weeks. my mom said she felt like she was in the movie ET.

never mind the fact that if you wanted to be heard it was necessary that you speak no softer than a yell. 

the day after flood number 2, my sister, my dad and i took a little vacation from life and saw the movie The Last Song. not a good idea. sad movie to see with your dad.

but then, my sister and her little family came to town and we had a blast! 

i love conference weekend and easter.

good news is... only two and a half more weeks of school.

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Shera said...

Thanks for that. And thanks for playing games and hanging out with my kids. We love you. You are truly Emazing!!!