04 May 2010

my favourite book.

i found something perfect the other day. three of my most favorite things all together in one.

red phone booth.

check check and check. 

take a look into this mini library where residents of somerset, england, trade in their previously read books in exchange for a new one placed there by someone else in the community. this library houses over 100 books and is open 24/7 including a little light in the ceiling for constant perusing.  

seriously people. in a world where a love of reading is becoming slimmer and slimmer. this is a little gleam of hope.

all i know is that I want to get myself a red phone booth and fill it up with all my favorite books.

this. is truly read all over

1 comment:

Heather and Trevor said...

I want one too! Do you think it can transport us to the department of Mysteries? :)