13 April 2010

end of an era.

for most of my life i was in insignificant nobody.

then one day... BAM... my body appeared as a tiny, almost-unrecognizable fleck on a billboard that graced Provo commuters and visitors alike for many years. 

until recently.

the billboard barely featured in this picture...
containing a very small, unnoticeable version of this picture...
is no longer present along the I-15 drag.

my 15 minutes of fame are now long past and i have gone back to being insignificant.

but i can't say that i mind.
i don't recognize the girl in that picture anyway. 


alexfahey said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh my gosh it makes my day seeing that picture!

Gramma Betsy said...

Did you mean "15 minutes of fame" or
"I-15" minutes of fame? LOL!

Heather and Trevor said...

Oh I am so sad that is down now!! I never get to drive by there and see it anymore. I sure love that picture of you and glad that I was a small part of it! :)