20 March 2010


truth: i only take pictures when i'm with my london girls. force of habit? i think so. 

my point is, i had another london reunion last week and it was glorious. can i brag and tell you that i know 40 of the most awesome girls and 3 of the greatest professors plus 3 of the sweetest families ever? because i do. and i love each and every one of them.

needless to say when we all get together we have a good time. we love to reminisce and we love to catch up but mostly we just love to be together. so last friday we gathered at the evans perfect-little-straight-out-of-a-catalog house to do all the above.

we ate, we chatted, and we missed london. good times all around. 
lauren & kristin
the girls and jenny-our favorite london resident
my fellow room 3-ers. Jess and Shannon. we totally miss sleeping next to each other. 

the party was great and it made me miss london a whole lot. can't wait for our next get together!

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