04 March 2010

got me going.

well the good news is Bronson is live and well! Nine days after he was rushed to Primary Children's Medical Center he was home and back to normal. his recovery story is amazing. and the family of four boys is back in action. read all about it on sara's blog

the bad news is i totally suck a blogging. but whatever. 

the other good news is BYU beat Utah last night which means everyone is happy but i also get extra credit in my business writing class. thank you cougars.

some more good news: spring is poking its lil head out. byu campus is the BEST in spring. all the students come out to play. no longer do i have to rush around freezing my arse off in misery. now i can slowly stroll between my classes and come across happy, sunlight absorbing zoobies. even if the warmth does bring out the weirdness in some byu students.
also, i'm listening to this really great playlist on itunes right now. whoever invented "genius" should be sent to heaven immediately. i love "genius" with all my might.

can i tell you how often i get sick of my blog background/layout. in all honesty it takes about a day. i like it for a good 24 hours. and then BAM! i am tired of everything i see. 

is it bad that i often spend vast amounts of time on google earth wandering around london? i miss it okay. i've already made my mom promise we will be back for the 2012 summer olympics.

which, by the way... Vancouver. okay, they totally struggled all around. but the games are the games, and i LOVED this years winter olympics. SLC 2002 was probably the best thing that every happened to me and i'll always hold the winter olympics very dear. petition for slc winter olympics 2018???? 

till then, pray for sunlight. no raindances PLEASE! just praises to mister golden sun.

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Ali said...

your background is soooo cute and springy. too bad its blizzarding outside.