04 March 2010

break your heart.

just give me a second to brag. 

maybe you've read the books go ask alice/jays journal/it happened to nancy.
and maybe you know beatrice sparks is a very deep/depressing youth counselor that also published journals.

maybe you know that beatrice is now a 92 year old woman with dementia.

or maybe you don't.

but if you do, or even if you don't. you can appreciate the fact that this past sunday i was able to visit with beatrice. a couple friends and i visited a rest home in the area and to my delight, beatrice was one of the lovely people we worked with. she was a doll and she touched my heart. the people in the dementia ward of this rest home are such great people and i loved visiting them. 

on a lighter note... the current top selling single on itunes right now is a song that i heard live the beginning of november. the first time we heard it, we sang along mockingly. it's so british we said. well lookie here. america has caught on to the taio cruz craze britain accepted many months ago. congratulations for keeping up with the times america.

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