24 March 2010

paint pastel princess.

For one of my classes i have to write an ad campaign for a product i am passionate about. want to know what i chose? OPI Nail Lacquer. my choice nail polish. 

i mentioned before that i like painted fingernails. well i was telling the truth. i really really do. right now my fingernails are light purple. but that changes about every week. 
fact: i like to paint my nails myself. i think i do a better job than most manicurists. or maybe when i mess up, i feel better about blaming myself.

anyway, did you know OPI stands for Odontorium Products, Inc.?? Odontorium Products, Inc. is the dental supply company that George Schaeffer inherited in 1981 that inspired him to make an acrylic nail lacquer. did you also know that OPI has been a family run company ever since? a company that is dedicated to quality products and customer safety? 

not only do they have the perfect colors with creative names but they don't chip, they apply well and they stick around for a while. plus my nails like the way OPI treats them. 

so that is why i choose OPI.

wish me luck on my campaign.


Ali said...

i liked reading this a little too much i think...

alyssa said...
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alyssa said...

thank you for introducing me to OPI. my nails love you for it.
and your nails are always so adorable. i need some of that gray. beautiful.

@emllewellyn said...