04 March 2010

happiness is a warm gun.

remember when i said NOT to do i rain dance??

top reason provo weather sucks: it is gorgeous one minute and absolutely miserable the next. what is this snow?? bring back the warmth.

anyway. my life is considerably less interesting this semester seeing as i don't attend a broadway musical every week or visit castles or see famous people or travel to various countries. 

nevertheless... here are the top things i have been doing.

a few weeks ago we had a london reunion. it is always good to be back with my london girls. i can't believe that over 6 months ago i left for london and i have been home almost 3 months! 

over presidents day weekend, my parents and i took of to san antonio to visit my brother and his fam. ever since they moved from nearby vegas to texas, my life has not been the same! it was a good week fun of olympics, shopping and hanging out with the family. i already miss them SO much!

i added to my list of winter activities and went ice skating. i impersonated a uvu institute student for the night and i felt okay about it.

other than that there have been some dances, parties, basketball games, movies, and lots of olympics.

umm also. i never liked bachelor jake on jillian's season. and i liked him a little bit more on his season. but VIENNA? sick. wrong. you two white trash horny kids belong together.

but i LOVE that ali is the next bachelorette. yesss. i can't wait for may.

life's good.

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