21 March 2010

next best thing.

sure, BYU doesn't get a spring break but when you can't get what you want, you just have to improvise. so much to my delight, last week one of my favorite people on the planet came to spend her spring break with me!

i love this girl.

cami was here for a week and we partied.

we began our week with a little music from our two favorite brothers ben and chad. 
we had some girl time and reunited with our favorite high school besties.
we loved watching gossip girl, one tree hill and a bunch of movies.
we were the biggest sports fans going to 1 baseball game, 1 soccer game and 4 basketball games and watching 4 basketball games on tv.
we drank a lot of caffeine and ate some yummy food.
we pampered ourselves and got pedicures.
we danced the night away and rocked the night away.
but mostly we spent lots of much needed quality time together.
sadly our 3rd part (michelle) was missing most of the time but when she was here we had our best time together. 

so YES my "spring break" was good. even if i was at school for half of it.  

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