27 January 2010

let it snow.

I hate the cold. I hate being wet and outside in the winter. I hate driving in the snow. I hate ice. I hate slush. GROSS.

all that hate aside... i LOVE the snow. really. it's so white and fluffy and soft and fun and how can you help but be happy when you are playing in it? (as long as you can immediately go inside and sit by the fire right?) 

soo since provo was finally cured of its terrible air and inversion this past weekend with mounds of snow, I fully took advantage of some of snow's greatest wonders.

On Friday, Michelle and I (and scott k and scott f) went skiing at the Canyons Resort in Park City and it was SO fun! Okay, disclaimer, I haven't been skiing in YEARS! For a while I was way too hardcore for skiing and became a snowboarder. and then i repented and remembered that skiing is way better. Unfortunately, just because I can admit it doesn't mean I am good at the actually sport of it. So, the day didn't start off all that great and I was on the ground most of the time. But I got better and even with fogged goggles I had a BLAST and can't wait to go again. After all, I promised Greg I would be good at skiing by the time he got home from his mission (don't worry I have until summer of 2011).

After our little skiing adventure, Mich and I had just enough time to get into warm clothes and relax a little before our friends decided we should go sledding. So we bundled BACK up in our snow gear and headed up to rock canyon, sore and exhausted, to sled down the hill, run back up and repeat. I LOVED IT! Freshman year, we went sledding every day for weeks, I swear. So it was good to be back up there ready for action.

i also  loved the fact that scott k and jeff were our chauffers for the day so mich and i didn't have to brave the snow. 

and i totally didn't take that picture. thank you google image. i just thought it was a good little visual aid for all you who have forgotten what snow looks like.

so yes. let it snow. just for one more month. and then bring me SPRING!