24 January 2010

if we were a movie.

you know those people who say "i've been there" as movie scenes flash before them on the screen? the people you secretly want to hit because you really don't care where they have been, you just want to enjoy the movie? yeah... i've so become one of those. BUT i swear this one is cool.

remember this picture:

well that very same image (minus me) can be seen in the new movie Leap Year. as Anna and Declan wait for that final bus to take them to Dublin, you get to experience the city Enniskerry. and i get to love the fact that i have sat on that same bench waiting for that same bus once in my life. and i know, like i said before, this whole concept is mostly annoying. but i can't help but brag. i miss that place. 

so go ahead and hit me.


Kimber and Casey said...

how have i missed all these recent posts of yours? they haven't showed up on my thing til this one! weird. but wanted to say i love you. love your life. love your face. we need to go sledding together like old times even if i am married :) loves!

oh and i definitely want to go see leap year!

Shera said...

I am there with you sister on hating the cold, but enjoying a good outdoor sport or two.