17 January 2010

country grammar.

like i mentioned in number four of my previous post, i am currently in two writing classes.

one is Media Writing, and a prerequisite for any Pre-Communications major at BYU.
and the other is Business Communication, which fulfills yet another awful GE. 

want to know what i've learned? well for one, that "which" in the sentence above makes the words after it less important. yep. apparently "which" is a de-emphasizer.

want to know what else i've learned? besides that I hate commas? grammar and writing rules are hard. i honestly feel bad for anyone that has to learn our language because frankly it is ridiculous.  

and really, i think i generally speak and write well. (look there! i even know when to use well as opposed to good.) but unfortunately, this blog has never received any good grammar from me. and now that i know millions of more grammar rules, i second guess every sentence i write. but unless i am writing a paper, i really don't care.

so from the bottom of my illiterate heart i sincerely apologize for the improper grammar, comma splices, run ons, fragments, dangling modifiers, spelling errors, and all my other poor writing habits.

i hope it isn't too painful. 

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