10 January 2010

i know i know i know.

i've already learned a million things since i've been back at real school ... here are a few of my favorites:

#1. the reason BYU is said to have a generally highly attractive student body is because they make us climb so many dang stairs every day. 

#2. FACT. dwight schrute IS in my american government class.

#3. it takes about a week to learn how to properly parallel park, and about 10 minutes to get to your apartment from wherever you found a spot.

#4. i hate commas. i don't like to use them. i don't know where to put them. and i really don't care. i have two writing classes this semester that are trying to kill me with all their dang comma rules. 

#5. the walk home from campus is the perfect time for a phone call.

#6. used really does save.

#7. you don't realize how easy it is to spot the freshmen until you aren't one any more. 

#8. i really suck at texting people back.

#9. people really will never learn that just because it is sunny outside, it doesn't mean you can wear shorts. 

#10. cooking for yourself is the worst. 

so thank you 2010 for already teaching me such valuable lessons.

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Emilie Laura Wright III said...

#8 you really suck at texting ME back. (other people maybe too, but me. me me me. it's always about me.) but i still think you're great. and i still miss you, as i haven't seen you since your escapade to England.