07 January 2010

don't call it a comeback.

the arrival of 2010 has already brought many new things.

first of all... i have moved out yet again. i am now a resident of Liberty Square and now walk to school in all my zoobie glory. I am rooming with Amy. my friend from freshman year and it is already a blast! 

and i am also back at BYU. it is definitely an adjustment being back on campus and i have to say i miss walking down the stairs in my pajamas to go to class. but i will get used to it somehow. as much as i hate to admit it, it feels good to be back on campus. its is an added bonus that i get to see all my long lost friends again.

so here is to another semester. one hopefully full of good friends.

hello byu. remember how much you love me?

1 comment:

Jenson Family said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog and the way you write. Sorry I had to cut our conversation short the other day... That dang phone battery!